Why Girls Get Bored by Bobby Rio


This is one of my favorite quotes:

Chicks are like hunters, they want to bag a lion or a bear.. something really hard to catch. And along comes you. You are like this affectionate little puppy. You’re cute, you’re nice, you have a lot in common with her… but you’re way too easy to catch. And that bores her. And with chicks, boredom = death.

The question you need to ask yourself is “how easy am I to catch?”

Remember, dogs don’t chase rocks sitting on the ground. They chase rabbits that dart in and out of bushes.

So, how do you get a girl to chase you? Easy.

You use the RIGHT BAIT.

4 Ways to Stop Girls From Getting Bored

“As much as people want to control the things around them, they are also, somewhat paradoxically but completely understandably, most attracted to those things they cannot control.”

Such is the downfall of the typical nice guy.

He senses a girl wants “security” and “certainty”…

So he gives it to her thinking he’s providing her what she wants.

She soon gets bored and leaves.

As Rob and I try to BEAT INTO YOU while teaching you The Scrambler, women crave uncertainty.

What does this mean?  And how do you provide the uncertainty they crave?

Here are four ways to keep a girl on her toes and prevent her from growing bored…

1.  No promises, No Future Expectations

As a guy our natural instinct when a girl starts displaying some vulnerability or insecurity is to try to comfort her and her ease her worries.

She may say things like “are we gonna hang out again?”  “What is this?”  “Where is this going?”

Any variation of that her is asking you for some sort or promise.

DO NOT give it to her.

Its a trap.   And once you’ve made the promise she has what she *thinks* she wants…

And will soon become too comfortable with you.

Instead say “I’m having a lot of fun with you, but I can’t make any promises into the future. We’ll have to see how things go.”

2.  Hold Back Info

Its tempting to want to reveal as much about yourself early on in hopes that you’re attracting her.

Whether we’re fishing for things in common, trying to impress her, or simply trying to keep the conversation flowing… its too easy to reveal too much info too soon.

Its SO MUCH better to leave certain questions unanswered, and sprinkle in a dash of intrigue by purposely avoiding answering the question or changing the subject.

If not, she solves the “mystery of you” too soon.  And has very little reason to continue reading the book.

Become an onion that she gets obsessed with pealing back your layers.

(its a balancing act that you’ll learn to perfect in Unlock Her Legs)

3.  Leave Her Guessing Your True Intentions

Girls will often ask you “So will there be other girls at the party?”  or maybe a few weeks into a new relationship she’ll ask “Are you still seeing other girls?”

My standard answer to that question for a very long time was “Yes, but you know you’re my favorite.”    Or in an overly exaggerated tone “Never.  I would never do that.” (with a smirk)

I’d say in a way that left them wondering if I was serious or joking.

4. Make fun of chumps

One of my favorite things to do with a girl is point out chumps who get walked all over by women.

I’ll mention how a friend of mine’s girlfriend doesn’t let him go out with his friends, or won’t have sex with him.  And I’ll say “I don’t know why he doesn’t just find someone else.”

Basically I’ll point out that I have a mindset of abundance towards the prospects of meeting new girls.

You can also do this if you’re watching a movie or TV show with a girl and one of the male characters is acting like a chump.

These are four ways to add a little uncertainty to keep a relationship from getting boring…

Now, with a girl who ALREADY is losing interest, you’ll have to add a few more steps to “interrupt her current perception” of you…

In that case, I recommend watching this video and learning the complete “mind game” called The Scrambler.

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